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Jul 12th '16

Statement about the way we will handle Events from now on!

Due to the organisational "chaos" lately we will release some new rules about organisation:

- Events will only take place if we have enough signups in the Event-Calender [Deadline: 30 minutes before event is set to start]
- The needed number of signups for a specific event will be stated in the eventcalender.
- Every member has to look into the forum from time to time to catch up on information we publish.

These Rules are needed for a proper flow of information and we think that it's not too much of a burden for all members!

Mar 22th '17

Faction Base Buildings - Which way to go?!

Here comes the question: Which buildings you want first in the faction base?

Jan 3th '17

Guild Rules

Members of Unskilled are always expected to abide by the rules set forth in this document. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action taken by the Leaders that can include warning, demotion, suspension, or banishment from the guild. All disciplinary actions can be appealled by the infracting member, however after the appeal all actions are final.

This is a Fun guild. Maintaining "Fun" is a core goal of the guild leadership. With that in mind, the following principles should be upheld by all guild members:

Be courteous to all players, regardless if they are fellow guild members, allies, or enemies. Insulting other players (guild member or otherwise) reflects badly upon the guild and will not be tolerated in any form. Respect is earned, courtesy must be given in order to maintain a friendly guild.

All guild members are expected to act maturely. You can be mature and still have fun.

Be cautious with your language. Occasional swearing is likely to occur in guild, group and TeamSpeak chat but is strongly discouraged; however should be completely curtailed in public. Also, be mindfull of the ages and temperments of other guild and group members before using any language which might offend.

Guild members are to always positively represent the guild. Professional behaviour reflects well on the guild, terrible behaviour reflects badly, and a bad reputation spreads faster than a good one.

No Cheating, Hacking, or Exploiting. If anyone is found to be in breach of any game policies you will be reported to and removed from the Guild. No second chance.

In order that all guild members can make the most of the guild, we need an effective method of communication. Guild members need to all work together for the common good.

It is a requirement that all guild members be members of the guild forum. The forum should be visited on a regular basis in order to keep in touch with happenings within the guild, and to sign up for TW and planned events etc.

Any guild member who is inactive for one month or more may be removed from the guild. Any guild member who is taking an extended break with the intent to return can notify an Leader and a note will be made on the expected return date.

Every Party has to clarify the loot distribution before the HH or FB begins. There are no general rules.